BLACKWOOD’S FOREST: The Books Back To Trees Initiative.

 Buy a book. Grow a tree. Help save the planet while reading a book. Not a bad day’s work, right? 🙂

All royalties from Sorceress Awakening will go to growing tree seedlings to help combat climate change.

With the growing threat of climate change, I’ve wanted to do my part to help out, and since my formal education is in the field of horticulture, I’ve decided to merge my two passions into a new project.

I call it Blackwood’s Forest: The Books Back To Trees Initiative To Help Fight Climate Change.

All royalties from the first three books in my Gargoyle & Sorceress Series  will go toward the growing of tree seedlings, but the royalties alone won’t be enough for my goal.

That’s why I have also started a GoFundMe campaign. My main purpose for this fundraiser is to retrofit an old shed that I was going to have torn down and turn it into a large cold frame for winter storage of the seedlings. (Which is more environmentally friendly than just taking it down and hauling it off to a landfill, but it’s an unplanned expense, so I could really use some help with that!) 

If I meet or exceed my goal, these are some of the other things I’ll be using the money for:

Growing medium.
Pots and growing plugs.
Shade cloth (for the greenhouse, so the seedlings don’t cook in the summer).
Wood for raised growing beds.

Why am I doing this?

Because I have always loved the natural world and would absolutely love to do something meaningful and lasting to help our planet.

Yeah. I’m not going to be growing billions of trees, but I have a starting goal of 5000 trees, which I will scale up into something bigger if my little Books Back to Trees Initiative goes really well.



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