Hey there! You’ve reached Author Lisa Blackwood’s home on the web. I’m the author of the bestselling Gargoyle & Sorceress Tales as well as three epic fantasy romance series (In Deception’s Shadow, Ishtar’s Legacy and Huntress vs Huntsman).

As for my urban fantasy series, Sworn to Shadows is my newest release in that genre, so if you haven’t grab that one yet, go forth and enjoy! It’s available on all retailers.

Soul Mage is my current project I’m working on. It will be available to Patreon and Blackwood’s Bookshop come December 1st 2022. (for a 4 day run) and then it will be going into Kindle Unlimited December 5th for a 90 day run.

At the time of this update, most of my Book 1 are FREE on all Retailers!

I also have two other cool things to mention:


I also have a Patreon, where you can get content before everyone else.

Here are just some of the cool things you can get as part of my Patreon community:

  • First dibs on my new releases
  • Character art and sketches drawn by the author (both Not Safe For Work and Safe For Work versions)
  • Cool merchandise, (book marks, post cards, etc)
  • My entire back catalogue of ebooks
  • My audiobooks as I create them using Google’s audio narration software.


Also, if you like the idea of supporting an author directly and cutting out the middle man (the other online retailers. Because who wants to make the rich dudes ever richer?) I now have an online shop where I sell ebooks, paperbacks, original artwork, and eventually audiobooks.